Game 6 vs. New York Yankees: Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller's career as a New York Yankee is exactly 2 games long, and he's already notched a save against his former club. Miller joins a long list of players to don the uniform from both sides of the rivalry. From Babe Ruth to Johnny Damon to Andrew Miller. I don't think that's necessarily an appropriate sentence to write, but any time you can say Babe Ruth and Andrew Miller in the same breath, you take that opportunity and run with it.

Andrew Miller went from an unmitigated disaster with the Detroit Tigers and Florida Marlins before turning it around in his second season with the Red Sox. Miller, like Babe Ruth and Johnny Damon, joined the Yankees after securing a World Series title with Boston. Miller didn't pitch in the 2013 postseason, but he contributed along the way during the regular season.

So, why Andrew Miller as today's player profile? Miller is signed with the Yankees through 2018, and there's a good chance that he will become the official closer for the Bronx Bombers before long. There will no doubt be highs and lows, and hopefully more lows for Mr. Andrew Miller whenever he faces the team he left behind.