Game 11 vs. Baltimore Orioles: Bill Dinneen

There is only one person in the world who can claim to have thrown a no hitter, and later on in life call a no hitter as an umpire.  Bill Dinneen, the man who can make this claim, did just that. He logged 12 seasons a pitcher, many with Boston, and his last few with the St. Louis Brown(before they moved and were known as the Orioles). 

Can you imagine if Jim Palmer and Derek Lowe decided to become umpires as their second careers within baseball after playing a bunch of years in MLB and tossing a no hitter? 

Bill Dinneen tossed a no hitter for the Boston Americans on September 27, 1905. Clay Buchholz, today's Red Sox starter, tossed a no hitter against the Baltimore Orioles on September 1, 2007. Chances are Clay Buchholz will not become an umpire when he finally hangs up his cleats. Buchholz was knocked around during his last start, so perhaps dusting off the ghost of Bill Dinneen will rub some luck into today's game for the Red Sox.