Game 21 vs. Toronto Blue Jays: John McDonald

With Mookie Betts capping off an amazing walk off victory over the Toronto Blue Jays last night, I searched through the list of players who have played for both franchises to find the best representation for today's post. The 2013 Red Sox had 11 walk off victories, and the 2015 Red Sox have 2 or 3 already. So, I'm trying to go with a theme here. Ideally, a Red Sox from the 2013 team that was on the Blue Jays at some point in their career, that contributed to one of those walk off wins in 2013.

Alas, I didn't find anyone. I did notice that John McDonald played a few years with the Blue Jays and had a few games with the 2013 Red Sox. In 2013 he also played for the Pirates, Indians, and Phillies. In his few games as a Red Sox he didn't do a whole lot. He had about a half dozen balls hit to him and he handled all of them error-free. That seems fair enough reason for the Connecticut native and Providence College grad to have the benefit of riding along the 2013 Duck Boat Parade. 

In 2013, John McDonald played 5 positions for the 4 teams he played for and 6 if you add in the third of an inning he pitched for the Phillies. He was like a poor man's version of Brock Holt...though I think that's an insult to the Brock Star. John McDonald seems to have served the role of stopgap. Serviceable Defender comes to mind. 

Mookie Betts isn't a super utility guy, but let's look at him anyway. Since the start of 2014, Mookie Betts has played right field, center field, and second base, but he has done so much that can't really be described by numbers. Look at Mookie steal 2 bases on one play. On the same day, look at Mookie Betts rob a home run!

Here's hoping for a little more Mookie Magic.