Game 22 vs.Toronto Blue Jays: Roger Clemens

On this day in 1986, Roger Clemens struck out 20 Seattle Mariners. 10 years later, Clemens did it again against the Detroit Tigers. With the Red Sox lacking a bonafide ace starting pitcher, Clemens seems like an appropriate pick for today's game. I could do a fun recap of his career, but his numbers speak well enough

The truth is, the Red Sox do not have an ace pitcher. The last time the team didn't have an ace was during the 1997 season. The season featured such greats as Aaron Sele, Steve Avery, and Jeff Suppan. Of course, Pedro Martinez arrived on the scene after that season. 1997 was the first post-Clemens season in Boston. The team finished in fourth place. Somehow I suspect the 2015 Red Sox will have a better end than the 1997 team. 

Clay Buchholz made up t-shirts for the rotation that said "He's The ACE" and handed them out during spring training. As all of the pitchers now have ERAs ranging from 4.94 to 8.62, the obvious question is whether they were kidding or not.

Roger Clemens isn't walking through that door. Nor is Pedro Martinez or Jon Lester. Chances are the rotation will bounce back, and Rick Porcello will take the torch as the ace and run with it. I almost wrote Clay Buchholz, but at this point, I'm not even certain he'll be on the team long enough to claim anything.