Game 23 vs. New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez*

Alex Rodriguez is one home run away from tying Willie Mays in fourth place all time for most career home runs in Major League Baseball history. I don't think I need to rehash the ARod history, or his current relationship with the New York Yankees. 

Nope, I think that's covered pretty well by everybody else. 

As most baseball fans know, Alex Rodriguez almost became a member of the Boston Red Sox. It didn't work out, and ARod went to the Yankees. In 2007 he famously opted out of his contract and re-upped with the Yankees with a 10 year deal that included several bonuses tied to career home run milestones. Rodriguez wore #3 before joining the Yankees, so it only made sense that the Yankees would want to market the hell out of #13 matching and eventually surpassing the Yankee legend that is Babe Ruth. 

Years, home runs, and a full season suspension later, the Yankees are ignoring ARod's approaching milestone where he will match and likely Willie Mays in the coming days.  It's certainly possible that Red Sox pitchers will beat Rodriquez head-to-head over the next three games, but it's just as likely that he will turn on a pitch that moves him into a tie for fourth place all time in home runs.

What a weird world we live in, if Fenway Park recognizes Alex Rodriguez's accomplishment and Yankee Stadium does not. I will bet monopoly money that if Edward Mujica gets into a game and pitches against ARod, he will probably be the lucky winner for the history books. If it's a starter that serves up magic #660 or #661, Wade Miley's season number indicate he'll be a contestant for the 2045 Pub Trivia question, Who Served Up ARod's Milestone Homerun That The Yankees Ignored? 

If the Red Sox were up by 15 runs in the ninth inning, I might be OK with this happening, but I'd rather it not happen this weekend.

*Thank baby Jesus that Alex Rodriguez did not end up as a member of the Boston Red Sox.