Game 32 vs. Oakland Athletics: Bobby Kielty

You know the old baseball saying, that sometimes a player needs a change of scenery to jumpstart their careers or clear their heads or just get things right. The Red Sox optioned Allen Craig and Robbie Ross to the AAA Pawtucket Red Sox after both players continued their woes. This came after firing the pitching coach and releasing the worst pitcher in the bullpen. The Red Sox are in the midst of trying to find actions or events to spark a team that has lost much more often than it has won recently.

Chances are, we haven't seen the last of Ross or Craig, but there's always the chance these guys regain their ability and the Red Sox ship them out via trade. Bobby Kielty's career with the Oakland Athletics seemed to ebb and flow, sometimes due to injury, other times due to his increasingly wavering abilities as a ballplayer.

By the time the Red Sox signed Bobby Kielty, he was coming off a lost season of only 13 games with the 2007 Athletics. Things didn't improve drastically for Kielty, as he his .231 in 20 games at the tail end of the World Series bound 2007 Red Sox season. The thing is, Bobby Kielty's career ended at the near peak that any player can imagine.

Perhaps the Red Sox knew what they had in Bobby Kielty when they picked him up off the scrap heap in August of that year, but Kielty became a huge component of the 2007 postseason team. Despite his role as a fourth outfielder, Kielty absolutely owned CC Sabathia in their career matchup. In 34 career at bats, he had 11 hits off Sabathia including two home runs. Kielty had 2 hits and a walk against Sabathia in the ALCS, knocking in 2 runs. He saved his biggest hit for the World Series, though.

Kielty pinch hit for Mike Timlin in Game 4 of the World Series vs. the Colorado Rockies. He faced off against Brian Fuentes. In his first and last World Series at bat, and also his last at bat as a major league ballplayer, Kielty cranked a home run in the top of the 8th inning. His home run proved to be the game winning shot as the Sox won 4-3. 

Jackie Bradley Jr. and Steven Wright were called up to replace Ross and Craig, but there's no sure bet that either will draw upon the mystique and aura of a Kielty-ian summer. Perhaps I'll be wrong. Perhaps they'll both contribute to a turnaround that begins tonight in Oakland.