Game 34 vs. Oakland Athletics: Scott Hatteberg

Over the last couple of days, Josh Reddick has done a great job making late night Red Sox fans scratch their heads and ask, "This guy is great! Why can't we get guys like that--oh wait. We had him". 

Ah yes. Another one of those players that leaves Boston and flourishes with their new teams. Of course, Josh Reddick was traded years ago. Nobody could have predicted that he would hit 32 bombs in his first year! He hasn't duplicated his first season as a member of the A's, but he's doing his best to do so in 2015. 

It seems the Athletics and Red Sox have a had a bunch of players change sides to the benefit of the team they're joining. Josh Reddick joins a line of players that have helped improve the team they joined, but haven't yet reached the top of the baseball world. Scott Hatteberg is another ballplayer who helped turn things around for the Athletics after starting his career off with the Red Sox.

Hatteberg is an interesting case, because in his last season with the Red Sox he ruptured a tendon in is elbow and effectively couldn't throw a ball. When he joined the Athletics he became a first baseman to limit the throwing he needed to do. His shift to first resulted in a career resurgence, and becoming the poster boy for A's GM Billy Beane's Moneyball focus on sabermetrics. In particular, Hatteberg's ability to get on base was praised greatly. 

So, over four seasons with the A's Hatteberg got on base, hit some home runs, and helped get the A's continue their postseason resurgence in the early 2000's. Unfortunately for Hatteberg and the Athletics, the team failed to get beyond the Divisional Series for four straight years. By the time the A's reached the ALCS, Hatteberg had taken his talents to Cincinnati. 

Hatteberg and Reddick are similar in another way. Both players watched their former teams go on their way to a World Series win in the same season their own team failed to make it very far despite being members of teams built using the Moneyball focus.

The hope here is the Red Sox can finally win a series tonight. Something that seemingly has become elusive.