Game 37 vs. Seattle Mariners: Jose Offerman

In November of 1998, the Red Sox officially kicked off the Jose Offerman Era. Mo Vaughn wouldn't re-sign, so the Red Sox went after Offerman. Offerman was great in his first season with the Red Sox. Then, it went downhill, fast.

By 2002 the Red Sox were able to ship Offerman off to the Seattle Mariners as part of a conditional deal. There's not a lot of information to explain what exactly a conditional deal is. It doesn't say the Mariners paid for Offerman. It doesn't say he was a player to be named in an earlier deal. There's nothing, anywhere, to suggest what a conditional deal is.

Maybe the Red Sox sent Offerman to Seattle as a peace offering. A 'sorry' for the bamboozle they pulled with regard to acquiring Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek. 

Little did Seattle or Boston know that Offerman's most infamous moments were still ahead of him. Between his assault on another player in an independent league game in Connecticut, and his assault on an umpire in a Dominican Republic winter league game, Offerman has kept himself busy. He apparently has not been to the United States since his bat incident, and only recently had his lifetime ban from the DR winter leagues lifted. Interestingly enough, after his ban was lifted, he went on to be the manager of the DR winter league championship team for the 2013-2014 season.

Hopefully the Mariners and Red Sox can avoid any Offerman inspired violence!