Game 38 vs. Seattle Mariners: Robert Petagine

Roberto Petagine had 233 career home runs, three gold gloves, two batting titles, and an MVP award under his belt. He also managed to go almost seven years without a home run at the major league level.

You see, Petagine was a player who logged five mediocre years in MLB before taking his talents to Japan, where he became an offensive juggernaut over the course of six seasons. The Red Sox took a flyer on Petagine prior to the 2005 season, but between ability and injuries, he never duplicated the numbers he displayed in Japan.

Taking a look at Petagine's home run log, it's amazing to consider that he went 2,512 days between MLB home runs. 

Petagine didn't work out for the Red Sox, and he was let go before the 2006 season. The Seattle Mariners took a flyer on Petagine, much like the Sox did, and this time Petagine made sure he didn't go 2,512 days without another home run. His first home run came in his first at bat with Seattle. It was also his final homer with Seattle and at the major league level. 

Petagine returned to Japan for one more season and added 10 homers to his career numbers there. 

The Red Sox and Mariners are both currently under .500, but the Red Sox started the road trip off in last place. They're now in 3rd place. Sure, it doesn't mean a lot at Game #38, but it shows some promise. There is no Roberto Petagine-type player in either lineup today, but Daniel Nava is still searching for his first home run of the season. He's way off from the 2,512 days without a home run, but it'd be a nice thing if he ended his home run drought with a home run or two today.