Game 39 vs. Texas Rangers: Mike Stanton

Sometimes a player is in the right place at the right time. Mike Stanton is just that player. He found himself on the New York Yankees in 1997, his fourth team in three years. At that point he hadn't quite put it together. Then suddenly everything clicked. It happened to occur at the same time the Yankees launches their epic World Series run between 1998-2000. 

It didn't start out that easy for Stanton. In 1995 he was traded to the Red Sox from the Atlanta Braves at the trade deadline. The Braves went on to win their only World Series title that season, while Stanton's Red Sox were swept out of the 1995 ALDS by the Cleveland Indians. Exactly one year later Stanton was traded to the Texas Rangers, a team that was charging towards their first postseason appearance. 

The Texas Rangers had the same fate as Stanton's Red Sox, except they managed to pull out a single victory against the 1996 Yankees in the ALDS series loss. 

It makes sense that Mike Stanton went on to join the Evil Empire. If you can't beat them, you might as well join them.

The Red Sox and Rangers are both struggling to pull themselves above the .500 mark. The Rangers are at least above .500 for the month of May. The Red Sox just reached .500 for the month with their last victory. Of course, the Red Sox did just go 5-5 on a road trip that took them north of the border and then to the west coast. 

Chances are the Red Sox need this series to turn out well for them, as approaching the quarter mark of the season with a middling .500 team isn't going to work out for a full season. At this point, the phrase Small Sample Size begins to wear off. There is some time left, but not a whole helluva lot.