Game 45 vs. Minnesota Twins: Tom Brunansky

Everybody knows that David Ortiz is the biggest success story the Red Sox achieved with a former Twin, but as 1990 gets further in the rearview mirror, Tom Brunansky risks being left behind in history. 

Brunansky was a member of the 1987 World Series Champion Minnesota Twins and had heroics that helped the team to their first title since the team had moved to Minnesota. The following year Bruno was shipped out to the St. Louis Cardinals, where he logged two season before he started his last season in St. Louis hitting .158. The Red Sox had a surplus of relief pitching, and shipped Lee Smith to St. Louis in exchange for Tom Brunansky.

Bruno hit well the rest of the way, but his biggest contribution to the 1990 season came at the end of the game that finished the season. The Red Sox needed a victory to secure the AL East title, and they earned that win in a most dramatic fashion. Ozzie Guillen hit a line drive to the far corner of right field. In 1990 there was one camera angle, and it only included a diving Tom Brunansky at the initial moment of catching the ball. Imagine Twitter exploding if there was only one obstructed view camera angle? Here's the clip:

Mike Napoli's resurgence over the last five games or so made me think of Tom Brunansky. Napoli was a member of a few Angels teams that reached the postseason. He was jettisoned prior to the 2011 season, first to the Toronto Blue Jays and then the Texas Rangers a few days later. On the Rangers he helped the team nearly win the franchise's first World Series title. Two years later he helped the Red Sox win the 2013 World Series.

What's the moral of today's story? Maybe these guys, Napoli and company, aren't quite as done as many suggest. Maybe they just need a little more than a quarter of a season to get things sorted out.

Lets hope it continues against the Minnesota Twins.