Game 46 vs. Minnesota Twins: Boof Bonser

Don't fret, Joe Kelly. It can always be worse. Just ask Boof Bonsor. 

The Red Sox acquired Boof Bonser from the Twins in December 2009, and he made exactly two appearances before he was shipped out of town.

On June 9th, in a game between the Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians, Clay Buchholz faced off against Justin Masterson. Justin Masterson threw a complete game 2 hit shut out. Yeah, I'm sure you're thinking, " Wow! Where can we get guys like that--oh, right.". Anyway, Buchholz held his own, giving up just three runs over seven innings. He gave way to Boof Bonser. Boof just had to get through an inning. Hell, a single out might have been nice.

Alas, Boof Bonser started his Red Sox career with an infinity ERA. He entered the game, and promptly gave up a walk, single, walk, and another single before Joe Nelson came on and doused Bonser's smoldering fire with gasoline. Nelson gave up a single, home run, another single, a double and a walk before registering an out. 

Yesterday Joe Kelly had a rough outing, but he can take pride in knowing he is no Boof Bonser. Bonser's second(and final appearance) in a Red Sox uniform started off with 3 singles before recording an out. The Red Sox were already behind ten runs, so mop up duty apparently wasn't an easy thing for Bonsor either. 

The 2010 Red Sox team that featured Boof Bonser won 89 games and finished in third place. With the way the American League East is playing out, 89 wins might just win the division. Only 3.5 games separate first place and fifth place, and the AL East leading Rays are only two games over .500. 

If nothing else, that tells you there is a whole lot more baseball to be played. Hopefully not in the style of Boof Bonser.