Game 47 vs. Minnesota Twins: Bullet Joe Bush

Rick Porcello is a pretty good pitcher. He has had two certified stinker starts in 2015, but due to the Red Sox playing like they're stuck in the mud, it has garnered attention. Which Rick Porcello will show up today?

Bullet Joe Bush played for the Red Sox and Washington Senators(precursor to the Minnesota Twins). He also spent time with the Philadelphia Athletics, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Giants. He won world championships with the A's, Red Sox, and Yankees. 

Bullet Joe Bush also had a career where good things and bad things happened. He led the league in losses in 1916, but also won 15 games for his team; a team that lost 117 games. He was on the winning team for three World Series, and on the losing team for two others. He had eight seasons where his record was even or he had more losses than wins, but his career record was 196-184. He won 46 games as a member of the Red Sox, but went 1-8 with the Washington Senators. Nevermind the fact that his time with the Senators was toward the end of his career. 

Bullet Joe Bush is also the #1 comp to Rick Porcello during his rookie year. The hope here is that is where the comparisons end. Bush didn't play long or successfully after his 26th year in the league. It'd be nice if Good Rick Porcello pitches today, though considering he has pitched fairly well most of the season, that is a pretty good bet.

Here we go, Bullet Rick Porcello!