Game 49 vs. Texas Rangers: Justin Germano

Eduardo Rodriguez became youngest Red Sox pitcher to win his major league debut on the road since Billy Rohr of the 1967 Red Sox. He though 7.2 scoreless innings and struck out seven. It's hard not to consider the ramifications this could have of the rest of the season if it turns out that Rodriguez is a legit starting option.

It's hard to guess the path of a player's future. Just ask Justin Germano. If Germano gets into a game with the Seattle Mariners this season, it will be his 8th team in 10 seasons. Germano appeared in just one game for the Red Sox, and had two appearances as a Texas Ranger. He's had equally brief stops at the major league level with the Toronto Blue Jays and Cincinnati Reds. You really just need to check out his B-Ref page

For what it's worth, Germano was awesome in his one Red Sox appearance. In the lost season of 2012, in a meaningless game against the New York Yankees, Germano shut down the Yanks after entering the game with a deficit. The Red Sox never dug out, but it wasn't because Germano didn't pick them up. For one magical day, he was lights out in the Red Sox / Yankees rivalry.

It's impossible to say whether Eduardo Rodriguez has a big future ahead of him, or if he'll have something like today's starter, Steven Wright. Wright is looking for his second career victory in his fifth career start..while being 8 years older than Eduardo Rodriguez. 

The hope here is Wright and Rodriguez end up becoming lightning in the bottle that helps turn things around for the 2015 Red Sox.