Game 25 vs. New York Yankees: Johnny Damon / Jacoby Ellsbury

Beginning in 2003, Johnny Damon became a superstar playing for the Boston Red Sox. Jacoby Ellsbury exploded onto the scene during the 2007 World Series. In both cases, these guys were larger than life. In both cases, when they joined the New York Yankees, they were assimilated and essentially disappeared. For Johnny Damon, this was largely due to the overshadowing of Derek Jeter, ARod, Robinson Cano, Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, and Jason Giambi. Tough acts to follow. Jacoby Ellsbury's disappearing act was less obvious. Overshadowed by Derek Jeter's Farewell Tour, he also fell behind Brett Gardner and a few others in the realm of popularity, despite being one of the best performers on the team. Perhaps it's also too early to determine if Ellsbury will grow a fan base in NYC. 

The hope here is Jacoby Ellsbury waits another day to do anything to bring the Yankee fans on board, as it'd be nice for the Sox to get away with a Sunday night win.