Game 50 vs. Texas Rangers: Ron Mahay

The Boston Red Sox continue their slide into obscurity, and they are now 3-7 in their last 10 games. Eduardo Rodriguez is a pleasant surprise, but right now the team needs four more of him. That, and they need an offense to match when the pitching is going right. It's like they've been thisclose to putting things together. It seems every other day the Red Sox are losing games 6-2 or winning 7-3. 

Dustin Pedroia has reportedly helped Mike Napoli and Hanley Ramirez with minor tweaks to their hitting that has resulted in immediate changes. Big Papi took a few days off to work on his swing, and returns tonight, hopeful of seeing changes. 

Ron Mahay is the poster boy of making changes that impacted his career and the success of the teams he played on. He was drafted as an outfielder, and after a brief stint in the big leagues as an outfielder, he opted to change his ways and became a pitcher. He spent an entire offseason pitching in Australia, crafting his transition to being a full time pitcher. The results were a fourteen year career with the Red Sox, Rangers, and six other teams. 

The connection here is that perhaps the Red Sox need a little more time to get things together. The AL East is still wide open. That seems to be a theme of the last ten posts or so. It's also very likely that I'm holding out hope that 2015 isn't quickly becoming an also-ran year much like 2014 was. As we've seen with the previous World Series runs, regular dominant rotation cycles is the key to a championship. Timely hitting as well. Neither seem to be happening right now. 

Perhaps the ghost of Ron Mahay success will help turn things.