Game 31 vs. Toronto Blue Jays: Off Day Blues(Part 3)

Frank Viola and Darren Oliver  were a bit opposite in the directions they were coming from and going to. At the crux of it, neither were defining players with the Red Sox or Blue Jays. Neither of their arrivals or departures made a lick of difference. They were just there, and then they weren't. 

The same can't be said for David Wells. David Wells never went anywhere quietly. Maybe this was because he saw the rise of success and then saw it abruptly ripped away from him more than once. The first time he won a World Series with the Blue Jays, the team released him in the spring the following year. He joined the Tigers and spent parts of three years with the middling AL Central team. The Reds picked him up for their stretch run in 1995, though the team fell short in the NLCS. The following year he found himself on the Baltimore Orioles and in the thick of a playoff run once again. Failing once again, his O's were knocked out of the ALCS by the New York Yankees.

The O's didn't retain Wells, but he found himself with the team of his all time favorite player, Babe Ruth. Despite finishing third in Cy Young balloting in 1998 and the ALCS MVP that year, the Yankees traded Wells to the Toronto Blue Jays for Roger Clemens. Wells won another ring with the Yanks, but just as quickly, he was dispatched to oblivion. By 1999 the Blue Jays were medioce again. Wells won 37 games over 2 seasons for the third place Blue Jays, before being shipped out again. He ended up on the Yankees once again in 2002, but by then the dynasty that won 4 titles in 5 years had begun to become unglued. 

Wells went on to change teams a few more times, including his 2005 stint with the unsuccessful run by the reigning World Series Champion Red Sox. That was one of the weirdest sights. David Wells, wearing number three on the mound at Fenway. It seemed he ended up on teams right after their recent success, or he was being jettisoned soon after that success.

Maybe Juan Nieves and Edward Mujica will have successful tenures elsewhere. Maybe the Red Sox are about to acquire the next David Wells(1997-2000 era!) and straighten the Red Sox Pitching Staff Ship. One can only hope!