Game 52 vs. Minnesota Twins: 10 Gifs To Give

The Red Sox haven't played since Sunday's impressive display of not giving any sh*ts against the Texas Rangers. Their overall play over the season has been pretty bad, but between Pablo Sandoval's oley bullshit on Sunday and John Farrell's decision to walk Prince Fielder against Koji Uehara(no hits in 8 at bats) to get to Josh Hamilton(4 hits in 13 at bats), there is only one reaction to the Red Sox up to this point of the season.

Since it seems the Red Sox aren't interested in immediately turning this ship around, here are 9 other gifs to give. 

Despite every hope, dream, and prayer by Red Sox fans seems 2015 is quickly going the way of the 2014 season. It seems it might be even be worse than the Bobby Valentine scorched earth disaster.

Not to turn this into a The Office Gif Re-Mix, I'll throw out the other one that speaks to me. It speaks to everyone who has regularly spent 3 hours of their day watching the Red Sox throw up another stinker.

Remember, on April 17,when the Red Sox were 7-3? Oh, good times. The Red Sox GM looked so smart with a bunch of middle rotation starters. Who needed an ace?

Hanley Ramirez had a great homecoming! He hit 10 home runs in his first 21 games, and looked poised to fill that offensive void. 

Then he hit a wall, quite literally. In 26 games since, he has hit 2 home runs and his average is in the .230's over that time.

Remember the days of Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts kicking everyone's ass? The highlight reels. The epic go ahead runs, heads up baserunning, all around awesome style of play?

Between Xander, Betts, and Brock Holt, it seems Red Sox fans have more than just one source of hope.

So, maybe it's not the end of the world. Maybe there is hope. Maybe the Red Sox can find a way to stop sucking.

Maybe the Brock Star can join forces with the other young players.

Maybe Eduardo Rodriguez can put Clay Buchholz and the entire pitching staff on his shoulders!

Maybe 2015 will end in another champagne supernova!

More likely is the Red Sox will continue their slide, John Farrell will be fired, and David Ortiz will be the only player to have an admirable resurgence the rest of the way. However, this is, not So, here we are.