No, not really! But I like the click bait title, so there you go.

Air quality is so bad in Beijing that researchers are estimating that every person in the area is inhaling the equivalent of 1.5 cigarettes every hour. That is serious toxic fumes! It's amazing that this isn't bigger news.

The Taxi King of Queens is crumbling, thanks to Uber. I listened to NPR's Planet Money's recent episode that interviewed Gene Friedman and touched on the impact of Uber on owning taxi medallions in NYC. It was an interesting discussion, and a larger one that implicates livery regulation on a whole. One the one hand, taxi companies must adhere to regulations that include providing vehicles that at ADA compliant. Uber has no such requirements. In fact, Uber has so such vehicles. Uber actually doesn't pick up people with wheelchairs. You can google Uber and ADA Compliance and find numerous articles referencing law suits. It's interesting, Uber skirts the ADA requirement by stating that they're a technology company, not a transportation company. There's an industry waiting to happen for a fleet of ADA compliant van drivers.

Back to my initial point on the Taxi King and Uber. Taxi companies and drivers alike are complaining that Uber is not regulated and pretty much free to do as they please. Uber and its drivers are arguing that they're filling a void for people who can't easily grab a cab in the city. They're both right. The thing that I find funny is you don't hear about the taxi companies working on their own mobile app to compete with Uber. Maybe it's because Uber added an Uber Taxi option, which allows you to request a taxi for a $2 surcharge. 

Imagine if the taxi companies hired away developers from Uber, or just hired capable developers on their own, and then we had competing mobile apps? Prices would probably drop, and people would get where they need to be. Instead, we have Uber skirting ADA laws, taxi owners complaining, and a stalemate where people would benefit if both sides figured out the best way to duke it out.

I saw Kill The Alarm last night. First time in a few years, but they were great. It took me back to college, when I saw the lead singer perform in tiny places like a frat house living room and a bar with 4 patrons. Good times.