Dog Does Backflip, Hilarity Ensues!

I could google search a dog doing a back flip, but I'll leave that to you.

Humans of New York has been in Pakistan for the past week or so, highlighting the lives of many people in the region. The last few days have focused on the slave labor that exists within the brick industry. There was a crowdfunding, and 40,000 people helped raise $1,000,000 in 12 hours. 

That's a pretty amazing thing to see happen, isn't it? 40,000 people put an average of $25 towards a cause to free a family from an insanely unfair bondage related to a kiln in Pakistan. 


Wherever your political affiliations are positioned, you can't help but notice Vermont senator Bernie Sanders's summer ride as the hopeful for the Democratic nomination for the next President of the United States. Apparently Bernie Sanders has little chance. Apparently he's too left, too much of a socialist, and way too inexperienced with a large country, foreign relations, and pretty much everything outside of Vermont. I think that covers it.

He has also managed to raise $15,000,000 from about 250,000 people, with 99% of donations under $250. The article I linked is old, so there might be new numbers. 

What's interesting about this, is Bernie Sanders isn't following the same route as a lot of other presidential hopefuls. He's tapping into the everyday person. $15 million dollars. That's impressive. In an era where it's a depressing reality that a person need millions upon millions of dollars to run for the highest office in the land, it's a refreshing reality that perhaps a candidate doesn't need to be beholden to whatever interest group gives money. 

Donald Trump(he could be a separate post later) even spoke about the joke that fundraising has become during the first GOP debate. He essentially said he gives money, and whoever he gives money to shows up when they're asked. There's a photo of Hillary Clinton at Trump's wedding that sort of hammers this home. 

At the end of the day, or in this case the election, neither Bernie Sanders nor Donald Trump will likely be in the conversation. However, imagine if they were? It seems the summer is when only the marginal candidates are making news...and usually as the butt of a joke. Maybe this time is different? Trump caters to people sick and tired of the boring politician. Sanders caters to people who want to hear original ideas and someone who isn't bound by who donates the most. Combine the hilarious crazy attitude of Trump with the sensible values of Sanders? What would happen? It would only help the race, as far as I can see.


My point of both stories, is that perhaps the people that control most of the money in the world aren't all that powerful. If lots of people with similar views get together, it seems possible to make a difference. In Sanders's case it might be a stretch, but isn't it worth it, if only to change the conversation a bit?