What's Happening To The Red Sox?

On August 18th, the Red Sox announced Dave Dombrowski as the president of baseball operations. The Saturday prior to that, Red Sox owner John Henry told Ben Cherington that the team was talking to Dombrowski. 

Although announced today by NESN that play-by-play announcer Don Orsillo would be replaced next season by Dave O'Brien, Orsillo was first told about 10 days ago. 10 days ago is right about the same time Dombrowski was agreeing to join the Red Sox.

Obviously Dombrowski isn't involved in this, but it's really interesting that both of these things were decided within about 24 hours of each other. 

So here's a conspiracy theory; John Henry and co. are selling the team. By bringing in Dombrowski, a known commodity to do well with trades, he can take a fully stock minor league system and improve the team without totally sacrificing the talent they've acquired and home grown in the minors. Ideally a strong showing in 2016 showcases the franchise and Henry and co. pass the team over to another owner. Dombrowski sticks around as long as ownership remains, but moves on when the sale is complete.

How does Orsillo play into this? By removing a well liked fan favorite like Orsillo, it allows a future owner to handpick their own talent, without creating any negative light right away. 

It's a stretch, but is it really? I guess we'll find out soon enough.