Airplane Movie Reviews

I watched 6 movies on flights to and from Sweden. Here is my quick reference guide if you find yourself trapped on a tin can for 8-9 hours and these movies are options:

The Flight Over

Batman vs. Superman: Imagine a Superman who protects Earth, but who belligerently protects Lois Lane more, because he loves her more than he loves Earth, because because. Imagine Sloth from The Goonies is super wealthy and has all kinds of weapons. Imagine the nerdiest nerd you grew up with, and imagine that nerd orchestrates a battle between belligerent Superman and Slothy Batman. Then imagine Slothy Batman saying "Superman...friend!" after Superman beats Batman up and makes him realize they're both good guys! Then know they'll both be back together to battle someone even more sinister!

Independence Day: Resurgence: It's like the first Independence Day, minus Will Smith. It's great, but everybody from the first one is old. The added element is there will obviously be another movie, because aliens always want to destroy us for our amazing planet energy. As with the first one, the aliens destroy most of the planet, but humans join up and fight back. The world is better together!

A Hologram For A King: Dave Eggers writes great novels. I learned that after watching two clunky action flicks, this was a weird 3rd movie choice. You'll spend the entire time waiting for something bad to happen, only to realize it's a clunky love story. Clunky in the sense that the dialogue seemed a little stinted. In general I thought it was good, but it was missing something. I'm guessing the book is awesome. Slothy Batman might've added some spice to this movie.

The Flight Back

The Nice Guys: In The Nice Guys universe, a lot of people are freelance detectives. And these freelance detectives are all chasing the same people. Small town, I guess. Russell Crowe is one, and secretly I wondered if he was trying his best John Goodman impression. A younger John Goodman would've been great in his role. Ryan Gosling is the lazy detective who is better than he thinks he is. There's a not-so-subtle suggestion that he's an alcoholic, but he overcomes it all when he and Crowe's character figure out the big scam going on and hilarity ensues. Not a bad airplane movie, just takes a while to get started.

We're The Millers: The guy who directed Dodgeball directed We're The Millers. Some of the guys who wrote Wedding Crashers, wrote this movie. I think if you're in the mood for those, you'll be in the mood for We're The Millers. Is it nonsensical? Sure. A bit over the top, ridiculous, unrealistic, silly, and at points dumb? Yes, indeed. Funny enough when you're on a plane for hours and hours? Yes, I'd say so. If you're tired, it's even better. 

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates: This is the Batman vs. Superman of comedy movies that I watched. Have you seen American Pie? Imagine the character named Stiffler having a brother, and they need to bring dates to a Hawaiian wedding because their family hates their crazy antics and somehow think dates will keep them in line. And, they use the internet to find dates. Of course, the two women they find are as insane as they are, and hilarity ensues as it is revealed the women aren't the nice-take-home-to-momma types. It was pretty obvious that this was going to be bad. I checked the time of the movie when the flight to Hawaii happened, and they managed to present the story, find women, and jet off to Hawaii in about 22 minutes. To be fair, I'm not the target audience, I don't think. But, I'm pretty sure a decade or more ago, I probably would've paid to see it in the theater.

First post in a long time, but I guess a bunch of mediocre movies will do that!