41 Days Until Pitchers & Catchers

Happy New Year! We are 41 days from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training camp for the Boston Red Sox. 


Tom Seaver wore 41 during his entire career, so it seemed appropriate to kick off the countdown with one of the greatest to wear the number. He wasn't the greatest to wear 41 for the Boston Red Sox(arguably John Lackey owns that title, though the competition is thin), but he gave it the ol' college try. 

Seaver's lone half season with the Red Sox, and his final in the big leagues, was respectable, but a knee injury prevented him was facing the New York Mets in the 1986 World Series. When Seaver's season started, he thought he might end up with the Mets, but that didn't work out. Imagine his luck when the team he did get moved to, faced his old club. 

As we closed the book on 2016, it seems everybody is looking forward to 2017. Maybe 2017 will be like Tom Terrific's last season. Solid, with a couple unexpected turns. We could all benefit from such a season.