Getting Back Into It

For the better part of four years I wrote daily, mostly about the Boston Red Sox and Major League Baseball. I wrote along with a group of writers that tried in vain to create an online presence for one of the oldest baseball magazines in the country. I'm proud of what I wrote, and how much it contributed to my style and growth as a writer. I like to think that those four years were the groundwork for whatever future writing I might do. I also like to believe we were successful in cultivating a online community, even if there was an end.

And that's sort of where I'm at now. I haven't written daily since roughly October 2012. I've started blog posts and deleted them. I've had grand ideas and then pushed them aside. I've thought about re-starting my original concept of celebrating a baseball player's birthday on any given day, and that too hasn't materialized. I've recently considered that perhaps I'm just finished with writing about baseball. I love watching it, and reading other people's views. Last year I tried a different approach to writing about baseball, but gave up around the same time the Red Sox did.

Part of the problem is I'm not interested in being provocative, or offering blog posts that opine on everything that's going on in the world. Though, part of me does want to do that. Part of me wants to write a scathing post about how awful Donald Trump is, or how the Sanders / Clinton battle will play out.  I'd probably just link to other people's article. I'd probably regurgitate someone else's viewpoint.  I'd probably share something that has already been shared on Facebook or Twitter and reposted, blogged about, and linked a thousand times over. Social media has changed the way I write, because chances are someone has already said what I want to say, and have already shared it way better than I could possibly share something.

This has become a stream of consciousness*, because I don't have a point, ultimately. Though, I just googled the definition of stream of consciousness and haven't figured out if I used that phrase correctly. I'm going to hope I did. 

Since I don't have an ultimate point, let me share a couple of things.

Disturbed doesn't fit in my musical flavor palette most days, but I came across their version of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence", and I think it is a fantastic cover. I suggest turning this up and rocking out.

I'm pretty sure I've linked to Josh Wilker's Cardboard Gods website. He's written a few great books, and writes on his website regularly. He writes to cards he has collected throughout life, and every post is worth reading. I recently read his Ray Fosse post, and it reminded me what I really enjoy about his writing. Ray Fosse was infamously injured by Pete Rose during an All-Star game, and Josh wrote about it a bit.

My favorite line: "This is the danger all of us face, I guess: bitterness. We fall into a pattern of perpetually forgetting the sun is always shining, the sky is always boundless."

* - I actually didn't spell it correctly when I first typed it. I thought it was Stream of Conscious, no -ness.  I hope you don't think less of me.