Zero Subscribers

For fun I clicked on the Feedburner link on the sidebar to check out whatever information Feedburner might provide to me. I honestly forgot what it provided besides a way for people to subscribe to my blog. Turns out that's it, though it also would tell me how many subscribers I have, how many have been added, how many have fallen off, and how much has changed since the first time I blogged on Squarespace. 

Turns out I have zero subscribers. I've always had zero subscribers. Since the dawn of time during this incarnation of blogging, nobody has made an effort to actually subscribe. Granted, I don't blog anymore, I'm surprised by a total number of zero.

I have 72 followers on my Medium account, but those followers are kind of like Instagram followers; lots of people you know or work with, or kind of know and automatically follow when you see their name. 

I was a prolific blogger beginning around 2001 through 2009, when I was writing for a baseball website. I wasn't good, but I wrote so many posts, daily. My personal bloggings were like a monkey banging on a keyboard, but I felt like it helped me find a voice that eventually turned into writing about baseball. It wasn't a paid thing, but it fed my creative outlet and I found it to be really rewarding. When the baseball site shut down, I kind of folded on my own writing as well. I had some starts and stops, where I'd write for days, weeks, months even. Then I'd hit a wall, not write for weeks and months.

Now I'm at the stage where I haven't regularly written in years. I do think blogging has an individual shelf life, especially if it's for free and not really geared to building an empire of likeminded minions. I loved writing about the Boston Red Sox, and I was really good at it(in my mind, anyway), and the peak was an unpaid role at a defunct website. Maybe I was burnt out? Either way, my writing stopped. In November I wrote a few posts because the itch was there. Then it was gone and this is my first post since then. When I wrote I felt like I had a point(about life, or the Red Sox), and wrapped it up succinctly and it was out of my head and into the zero subscriber universe. 

I've been curious about how blogging survives these days. On Medium the platform estimates the length of time it'll take to read a post. The strange part is it might say it takes 32 minutes to read a post, but it's already been shared by someone 6 minutes after it's been posted. It seems a person or topic might get shared instantly without actually being fully digested. This is especially true with deep dive analytical articles or investigative reporting. I'm not about to say people aren't reading articles or posts, nor am I saying to read between the lines. It's an observation that I've seen and it makes me laugh because it'll take me three days to finish a long read.

This is probably because I have too many tabs open at all times. There's a report somewhere that says something like 2% of humans can actually multitask, and the rest of us are just sabotaging our work ethic. I don't have the link, but Google Is Your Friend.

I don't have a plan to wrap this post up nicely, but I had thought of writing this post initially because every year I renew my Squarespace account and re-up my ownership of Someday I'll need to cut it for financial reasons, or i'll convince myself it's totes worth it to keep the dream alive that I'll pick up my hobby of writing again. So, I will just wrap it up by wishing you a belated Happy New Year. One of my resolutions is to write more during my free time, because at one time it was a super fun thing to do.